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Adaptive Technology Center

Our Mission

Create a physical location to promote and educate families on various adaptive technologies that are available to enhance the quality of life of patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

The Adaptive Technology Center is open by appointment only at 325 E. Sprague Ave. in Spokane’s University District. Email or call 509-368-6591 to make an appointment.


The Adaptive Technology Center located on Sprague Ave. in Spokane serves as an information and exploration center for families to explore and learn about ways to better incorporate adaptive technology into their lives. We aim to encourage independence for patients and invite those who have been affected by neurodegenerative diseases to stay involved in the community of people who help support them on this journey.

Phase 1 of the Adaptive Technology Center opened in late summer of 2021. The center features home automation through devices controlled through voice and/or eye gaze technologies, as well as communication devices that are a necessary component when learning to live with neurodegenerative diseases.

Come explore our wheelchair simulator and gaming stations, and learn about the ways families can connect with the Gleason Institute. Participate in surveys and beta testing for technology companies to make improvements to their products. Be part of the push for inclusivity for all people, no matter their limitations.

Phase 2 of the Adaptive Technology Center will extend renovations to the remainder of the Sprague building. Plans include:

Floor plan
  • Space for patients, students and technology companies to test and modify new products
  • Travel and Transportation Logistics Center and Simulator
  • Robotics and AI exploration
  • Wheelchair obstacle course
  • Student involvement opportunities and internships

Thank you to Team Gleason for its generous donation of computer stands, eye gaze communication devices, tablets, and much more!

It was wonderful meeting you and your team. I can’t wait to come back. The meeting was very helpful. Great resource and a place every newly diagnosed ALS patient and family should visit.

Adaptive Technology Center Visitor

We are so grateful to have this resource available for our family.

Adaptive Technology Center Visitor

We welcome all those touched by neurogenerative diseases to come explore, learn, and benefit from our innovations.

A Crucial Resource

Patients and their families are often overwhelmed by the needs that neurodegenerative diseases demand. However, through adaptive technology, patients and families can learn ways to continue finding purpose, extend quality of life, and lessen caregiver stress and fatigue.

Innovations Developed, Knowledge Shared

Collaborating with technology companies, the Adaptive Technology Center showcases various types of adaptive technology devices for families and demonstrate rooms equipped with cutting-edge solutions. We also partner with community stakeholders to provide outreach and education, as we strive to transform our understanding and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases