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Adaptive Technology

Currently, patients and their families are often left bewildered and overwhelmed with the needs that neurodegenerative diseases will demand on all involved. Many families are unable to cope with the demands of caregiving, work, and navigating the often confusing world of insurance and benefits, as well as finding resources for remodeling their home, and learning about ways to improve quality of life for their loved one. Maintaining quality of life and purpose for families, until viable treatments or a cure can be found, is a top priority. By using adaptive technology, patients and families can learn ways to continue finding purpose, extend quality of life, and lessen caregiver stress and fatigue.

The Smart Home Center will showcase various types of adaptive technology devices for families to explore. The Center will showcase demonstration rooms equipped with technology, including a living room, kitchen and restroom. There are also plans for a conference room for private conversations with patients and families, and a clinical room for potential interviews for qualitative research.

The Gleason Institute understands the importance of collaboration and working together to make a bigger impact. In doing so, it will continue to promote relationships with technology companies, large and small, to showcase the most up-to-date technologies available for families to use. We invite all families who have been impacted by mobility impairments as well as students and researchers to experience the possibilities at the Gleason Institute.

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Questions? Contact Brooke Ledeboer, Director of Development at WSU Health Sciences Spokane, by email or at 509-324-7202.

Adaptive Technology Research Posters

Measuring Parkinson’s Tremors with Kinect v2

Kristin Greenman, Travis Lane, Biswaranjan Da

Semi-Autonomous Wheelchair

Robin Hartshorn, Ryan Huard, Kait Johnson, Greg Nelson, Ruofei Xu

Eye-Tracking Game Development

Michael Berger, Taryn Burns, Kelsey Nash, Cong Trinh, Matthew Trovillo

Gaze Interaction and Eye – Tracking

Ellen Hein, Austin Isop, Alex Kerr, Justin Slone